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Dressmaking class

A month or so ago I picked up a couple of cute dress patterns that I thought I’d have a go at so I had some nice breezy outfits now that the weather is getting hotter. My knowledge of sewing isn’t bad at all, I can whip up simple shapes quickly on a sewing machine and my hand sewing is pretty good from making amigurumi and whatnot. But it had been nine or so years since I last did any  proper dressmaking.

Nine years isn’t that long, I thought. It can’t be that hard, right? You don’t forget the specifics of sewing, it’s like riding a bike!

I opened up one of the patterns and had a quick glance over the different pieces. I then booked myself into a Beginner’s Guide to Dressmaking class.

So last Saturday I went for my class. It was taught on behalf of the Little Woolie shop in Shortlands, South London by Jo Steele, an ex-design and technology teacher. Jo was not only lovely, but a great teacher too! She checked up on everyone frequently to make sure we were ok and her explanations of the different techniques were concise and helpful. The course was run out of the Neighbourhood Church in Beckenham. While the outside is fairly unassuming, the inside is a lovely, open space great for a crafty get together! There were 6 students including me, everyone was lovely and very keen to learn which made for a great atmosphere.

My sewing experience meant I was a bit more advanced than the other students there, but it helped me solidify some of the techniques I was unsure about and I learnt some helpful new skills too.

Here’s some of the samples I made with the techniques I learnt

It was great fun! As always, I’d recommend taking a class or course if you can. It’s great to learn!