Lavender soy candles

Between work and keeping up with my personal life, I haven’t had much time to work on my crafts recently. It’s been much too hot to work on the blankets and what not I’ve been crocheting, and then it occurred to me that I haven’t done any candle-making in over a month! My local Wilkinson’s (a sort of bric-a-brac shop you get in England) had a set of 12 300ml jam jars for £6 that I’d had my eye on for a while, so I popped in and picked them up one weekend and got to making!

Calculating how much wax I needed per jar, I figured out I needed 202.4g or so of wax for each candle. I wanted to make a couple of candles in this one batch so I filled up my double-boiler as much as I could with my soy wax flakes while following my measurements, and managed to have enough space to make 3 candles. As all the wax melted down though there was a lot more space in the double-boiler, so I might be able to make a larger batch next time if I add the wax a little bit at a time.


Lavender seemed like a nice colour for the summer and I hadn’t made any candles in this colour before. I added all of my colouring in at 75ºC and it turned the liquid wax a nice grape-y shade of purple.


For the first pouring, I filled the jars up to about four-fifths full. The second pouring was about 30 minutes later. Unlike last time, I didn’t have to reheat the double-boiler for the second pouring as the wax was still liquid. That just proves how hot it’s been!


The wax is a much more of a lavender rather than a purple when it’s set properly.

I gifted two of the candles to my neighbours downstairs and next door. They were really pleased with them and said they looked nice and professional which was lovely to hear. Sitting on the couch the other day, I heard something being dropped through the letterbox. My downstairs neighbour had dropped off a cute assortment of ribbons for me to use as a thank you for the candle! It put such a smile on my face!

My music for this candlemaking session was ‘Hardwired…To Self Destruct’ by Metallica and ‘Helplessness Blues’ by Fleet Foxes. An interesting mix!



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