Trip to Dublin

I’ve always been a strong believer of the ‘Work hard. Play Hard.’ ethos. So even if I haven’t got much money, a special trip means a special treat for me, usually in the form of yarn!

The place I had scouted out for a visit was ‘This is Knit’, a specialist yarn and knitting shop just south of the Molly Malone statue. It’s an absolutely GORGEOUS shop, very bright and and airy. Beaming as I walked in, I was immediately welcomed by the ladies who ran the shop and felt I was in the company of kindred spirits.

They had a big selection of handmade Irish yarns with some lovely colour ways and some artisan silver shawl pins that really caught the eye. Sadly, my allergy to wool meant my selection was more limited, but after much deliberation I decided on Debbie Bliss’ Cotton Denim DK. I had seen an interesting review of it in the Simply Crochet’ magazine and was only more impressed seeing it for myself. The colour selection includes the blues that you would expect as well as a neutral white/cream shade, some grey/black mixes and one with a delightful lime twist. It is wonderfully soft and I’m thinking of making a nice shawl or scarf with it. I’m not sure if I want to follow a pattern or go free-hand, I think I might make a swatch to see how the colours work up and then decide.

I also grabbed a cute little yarn sheep keyring as a souvenir for a friend.



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