My first time working with Soy Wax Part 2

It’s been a couple of days since my first try using soy wax for a candle and overall it’s turned out quite well!


The colouring has made the wax a sort of powder blue which is interesting as the liquid wax was a vivid turquoise colour. The manufacturer says to only use liquid colours with the particular wax I was using so I wasn’t sure if the colour flakes I used would bond at all to be honest.

It’s not a perfect candle by any means though! There are visible lines from the different pours and once the candle has been lit for a while it seems to… well “sweat” is the best word I could use to describe it? A clear liquid oozes from the top surface and sits there. I can only assume from what I’ve been reading that this is a result of the colouring but I’m not really sure.

As I say, it’s not perfect but it’s turned out great for  first try with a new material. My next step will be to get some smaller containers so I can experiment with the different qualities of the wax more.


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